31 March 2008

Spring Break!

Finally, I am on spring break! That basically means, instead of working two full-time jobs, I get to just work one for the week. :) Unfortunately though, Tony doesn't get a spring break...which takes a little fun out of my spring break! I was able to set up some appointments during the day time this week, which is very exciting. Some of our evening appointments are mainly for brainstorming for referrals. We're pretty close to running out of friends to talk to down here, and we're beginning to use referrals. It's a little more nerve wracking, but exciting to meet new people and see how God provides for our needs.

This past weekend we went to Columbus to visit and share more with people about what we'll be doing with Keynote. Aside from "official" ministry business, we got to catch up with friends over popcorn and the Wii, listen to a live rendition of Hannah Montana's "Best of Both Worlds" song...a few times, get schooled by a 7-year old at Blokus, and meet our friends' new baby, Mishka:

Possibly our favorite part was listening to how Ben & his roommate chased a mouse around their house until two in the morning...then decided to go get their friend's cat. Of course, it's all on video tape.


19 March 2008

This one is for you, Mom.

We finally made it up to BG this past weekend. It was attempt number three. Illness nor snow stopped us this time! We had a great time and saw many people - even more people than we thought we'd see! Again Mom told that she reads the Runyon's blog every day because, well they update it ever day. We just can't compete with them. Maybe if we had iPhones, we could update on-the-go. :)

Last night, we had a very encouraging meeting with the missions director at our church. She helped us brainstorm effective ways to meet and connect with people within our church since it is so big. It was so encouraging to talk to her, because she used to be on staff with Crusade in the Columbus metro. Pray that our new pursuit of referrals would be fruitful, and we'd meet the people God has for our team.

I [Jonelle] absolutely can't wait until we can drop our jobs and pursue MPD full-time. However, I do really enjoy my job as a middle school aide [for a moderate to severe classroom]. I laugh multiple times each day, and it is great! Yesterday, we had one of our students streak through the classroom. A couple adults tried to corral him back in the bathroom while myself and some others threw ourselves over the girls' eyes so they wouldn't be scarred for life. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.


01 March 2008


Scott & his guitar were reunited at 2.30 a.m. yesterday. Praise Jesus!