27 May 2010

May Update!

For our update this month, we sent out a postcard. Seemed fitting since we were on the road.

You can see it here: click here

Keynote's summer project started this week, and we can't wait to
share stories of what God is doing through these students!

[Summer project is a time where college students from all over
come to Keynote, form bands & media teams, then travel and
share the Gospel like full-time Keynote staff does year round.]

Thank you for taking this journey with us,
Tony & Jonelle

11 May 2010

We love partnerships!

Keynote artist, blue sky nine, was recently in Arkansas for some work with Prison Fellowship - their 3rd prison gig in a few many weeks.

The contact person with Prison Fellowship, "L", has done much of the detail work to make these events happen, but, this was L's first time to actually meet any of the band in person or to even see one of our bands live. He was completely thrilled with the experience of working with blue sky nine as they ministered to the gals in a women’s correctional facility. So, in addition to great responses from the church and prison gigs where he booked the band, they made a huge new fan out of L himself.

God works in neat ways - connecting people so that they can partner together to glorify Him & make Him known. This connection paved the way for an even greater partnership with L for the future!

And, Keynote loves building partnerships!

From the shows in Arkansas, L expressed how much he appreciated how Keynote has served Prison Fellowship by providing quality outreaches in several facilities....and not just an expression of words. How exciting is it that L just invited Keynote to attend a conference consisting of 33 prison and prison related ministries? This conference is geared towards helping reach and minister to prisoners and their families.

So, this fall, Keynote is able to join & collaborate at this conference to make these other ministries aware of what Keynote does and how we might serve them!

Praise God for making connections & partnerships!

10 May 2010

Adjusting to full-time ministry!

Hello family and friends, we have been on a crazy ride since May 1st. We are learning so much on how to be raising support full-time. We hit the road ready to find those ministry partners that the Lord has set out before us. We ventured down to Texas of all places and have been discovering a lot about the atmosphere down here. They call Banana Peppers by a different name.
Anyways, we are learning what it takes to be on task about telling people about Keynote at any given moment. We are also finding out that not only the drive down to Texas was a huge step of Faith, but actually sharing about our ministry is just as huge. We are thankful for what the Lord has provided so far, and eager to see what comes the next day. Time management is a big element we have to consider because we are only planning on being here for a short time. There is so much to do, and if you could, please pray that those we are connecting with receive us and our ministry with open arms.