30 December 2007

T-One Week.

Wow! Much has happened since we've last updated! We're less than one week from leaving for new staff training! We've been continually praising God for the abundance of encouragement and blessings since we began this process!

We have been praying about one aspect of our upcoming trip: how to pay for our utility & living expenses here in Dayton since we both will be on unpaid leave from our current jobs. The support that the Lord graciously brought in is set aside to directly pay for our Crusade training cost. Our own Dayton living expenses while we are away come out of our own pocket. We are praying that the Lord would provide the finances for those expenses.

Would you would prayerfully consider maybe contributing something towards one of our specific needs below? Or, maybe even “adopting” one of our bills for the month that we'll be gone? Let us know if you could help us out in this way. Also, please be praying with us that God provides exactly what we need.

Electricity - $30
Water & Sewer - $30
Gas - $60
Phone - $75
Internet - $50
Rent - $560