10 April 2008

Mouse Hunt - Part II

Just in case you were anxious and like resolution in life....

The conclusion of our friend's mouse hunt. Will Moby find the mouse?

Mouse Hunt, Part Two

To resolve another post, we will be getting back our money from the Skybus tickets that we had for next month. Praise Jesus! Tony talked to the credit card people, and things are moving along nicely.


07 April 2008

Skybus' Surprise Brings Sadness.

If you haven't heard by now...Skybus is no more. I suppose, yes, it was too good to be true. It would have been nice if they would have given a tad bit more warning than....well, no warning at all.

Please pray that we can get our money back for the tickets that we bought to go see our NC & SC friends in May. Thanks.


03 April 2008

How To Catch A Mouse....Maybe.

Friends, a video camera, and a cat....of course.

A post or two, I shared about a friend's quest to find the mouse that was lurking around their house. Finally we have video!

Mouse Hunt, Part One


01 April 2008

God is Encouraging

Quite often the little impatient monster creeps up on us....feeding us lies that we should have more support coming in than we do. For working full-time on top of MPD, we're not at a bad place. We'd love to be working at our new Keynote jobs...well like yesterday....but God's timing and ours is just quite not the same. God has been encouraging us lately, though. Our church is really focusing heavily on missions now, and we feel that the sermons have been preparing people's hearts before we talk to them. Last night, we meet with a friend from church who knows a lot of people. He's like the person in college you'd be walking across campus with and you couldn't get to where you needed to go because you'd be stopped by all these people along the way....in a good way, though. :) Anyway, we are praising God for our friend and how God is using him. We got a lot of referrals at our meeting last night with many other people - who love missions and know other people. He's been calling them all last night and today and telling these people who we are and a bit of our vision and that we'd love to meet with them to share more. God is good! We can't wait to see what He does out of all of these referrals!