27 February 2009

Brazil Music Ministry

Janie (Keynote's friend & partner in Brazil) just sent us this video link a few days ago. This is her 4th year to host a BMM (Brazil Music Ministry) Summer Project, and this song will give you a glimpse of how she’s doing as she is developing her ministry. This footage is from one of their summer project concerts.

It is so exciting to see what God is doing through music around the world! We love to see how other music ministries oversees are using their own music to share Jesus with their culture!

Could you pause for a moment and pray for Janie - that the Lord would provide resources for the ministry and real monthly support for her? Thanks!

BMM Summer Project Video

26 February 2009

Making Sense out of Transition...

We are still in the midst of learning what life "should" look like now that Tony has a part-time job. This job is certainly way different from his previous job working with houses and appraisals, but that is okay! His co-workers at the branch are nice and they all work pretty well together, which is a plus! This week, he is going to "teller school". After this week is over, he will have a more concrete schedule, which will help us out so much as we continue to build our base of ministry partners and raise support. He'll be working 30-35 hours to start with. We are praying that the branch will be quick in their hiring of another teller so that Tony can drop his hours a little lower.

With all this transition, we are learning that God's timing is perfect. It's been one year since we've started this journey of building our team of ministry partners & raising support. In our minds, we would love to be closer to our goal than 30%, but we know that God's timing is perfect. When things happen that don't quite make sense or doubts creep into our mind about if this path is the path we should be taking....God "wows" us with provision that could only be from Him. He confirms that we are in His will, even though our concept of time is certainly not His!

On a side note, I wish to take a second and brag on my awesome husband who got me the most beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day! After working at a greenhouse for 10 or so years, I did not think that I "needed" flowers. I was wrong!

13 February 2009

February Prayer Letter & More!

February prayer letter: click here

As you read [or will read soon] from this month's letter, we recently had the opportunity to help lead music and serve with friends for Target Dayton Ministries. We had a great time with the band, but we really enjoyed spending time with the people who we served dinner to afterwards. They had some interesting stories!

Below are clips of some of the songs we did that evening. Tony is back there on the drums, Jonelle is singing and playing her synthesizer keyboard, and the rest of the band is made up of good friends from our church! [We apologize for the loud buzzing you may hear - one of the joys of "live music". :)]

Mighty to Save

Lead me to the Cross

Here I am to Worship

From the Inside Out

10 February 2009


Search & Win

Our latest love has been for Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a search engine that uses results found by Google & Ask.com. Through using the site as your search engine, you are awarded Swag Bucks just for searching. We haven't redeemed any of our Swag Bucks yet, but there are some neat things that you can get like gift cards, electronics, etc... It is just really fun to get a Swag Buck for doing a normal search. [For you fans of The Office...I feel that it ranks right up there with a "Schrute Buck"!]

Interested? Click on the picture at the top of this post to get started!

09 February 2009

Our child...

This update is dedicated to my mom, because she faithfully checks our blog and told me I need to start updating it more than once a month. I said that we don't have kids that do crazy things that other people would find interesting.

So....you get a video of our dog! It's from this past Christmas. He's doing his trick, the only trick he knows.