28 December 2011

What is next?

We have moved to our new home in Indiana! We just celebrated the birth of our King with family and friends this past weekend. I am sure you are pondering your own life about what is next? That is a great question to ask, especially as we turn a new chapter with 2012 quickly approaching. For us, we are still focused on the last tidbit of ministry partner development as we call it, or rather support raising. We have been in talks with Keynote department heads which allows us to pin down what our exact roles are going to be in 2012. We have high hopes and prayers that we will be finished with support be the end of January! We are very confident in the power of God, He brought us to Indiana and is ready to finish out the mission!

Another idea we had about keeping you our ministry partners in the loop even more frequently is an email/online only update each week. We are still tweaking out the name, but it will be short and sent out on Tuesdays, so keep your eyes out on January 3rd for the first of 52 updates in 2012!


15 November 2011


We are moving again...this time it is to Noblesville, Indiana! We found a house that we absolutely love. It's pretty much our dream home. [another post coming about that God-led process] We close on the house this month - on the 28th and move on the 30th!

We are so excited and blessed for this step in the process, yet we are definitely sad to say "see you later" to so many friends here in Dayton. We really do love our community here will be sad to leave...luckily, we will only be 2 hours away, so we anticipate many road trips! :)

We still have support to be raised, though. Even though we'll soon be living 15 minutes away from the Keynote office, we can't go in there to work until we are at 100%! If you are able to help connect us with people who may be interested in hearing about our ministry with Keynote, or if you are interested in support info yourself - let us know! [Click Here ] We'd love for you to help us reach our goal!

One of our faves from our recent "good-bye, Dayton"
photo shoot with Fullam Photography.

23 September 2011

The Gap Theory

In our latest newsletter, we shared with you about a Keynote team [The Gap Theory] who is heading to India in less than a week. We are eager to see how God uses this team for His purposes.

We wanted to share with you a short video that the members of this team created. It talks about this trip to India and how you can be praying for them.

You can keep updated on what is happening during their trip by:

Their blog: click here
Their Facebook page: click here

15 September 2011

September Update

Our excitement is growing as we are inches away from having 90% of our initial support raised! We are beginning the process of looking for housing, which is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We hope to take a trip out to Indy in October to look at some living options and sit down with some people at Keynote to talk about our placements. The light at the end of the tunnel is growing larger each day. We are continuing to vividly see God's hand and provision through this whole process and are deeply encouraged by Him.

Click here to view our September update!

-T & J

24 August 2011

I Told You So.

Yesterday, I was getting ready for a quick trip to the store. Some milk, cleaning supplies, and a few other essentials were on the list. Being big fans of Dave Ramsey and Crown Financial Ministries, I started to get into my cash "envelope" binder while making my list for the trip. Unfortunately, five one-dollar bills looked back at me in the 'grocery' pocket. Boo. It was August 23 - eight days left in the month.

I started thinking: Can we make it eight days with five dollars for food? I mean, I already need a gallon of milk and that is going to cut what I have in half! Aye. I thought about just moving over some other money from another pocket or just putting what I need on the debit card. Was that cheating the system, though?

Then, the still, small voice: Don't worry. Go get your milk. Go run your errands. Don't worry. Trust Me.


I will. I'll trust You, Lord. I knew it was You who led us to do this cash budget. And, it was You we looked to as we set it up. I'll trust You.

I pulled out of the driveway with my list of places to go. Starting down the road, I had this feeling that I needed to go to the post office first. I usually always hit up the post office last when I run errands to check our PO Box. No reason, it's just on the way home. This time, I turned around and went to the post office first, even though it was a tad out of my way for where I needed to go. Going through our mail as I'm walking out, I just had to smile. Some Kroger bucks had come in the mail! [We have a Kroger Credit Card that don't carry a balance on, but we use for gasoline & big purchases. It's a rewards card, and we periodically get certificates for in-store credit to Kroger. I call them 'Kroger bucks'.]

If God says "I told you so.", He totally did at that moment. Ha. I was able to get food we needed for the rest of the month with the Kroger bucks. Praise Him!

...and I still have those five little one-dollar bills in my envelope.

10 August 2011


We really enjoyed hearing all the different speakers at national staff conference. We heard from a wide variety of people - Francis Chan, David Platt, and many more!

We are excited to share that experience with you! Some of the sessions were recorded and posted online for you to experience also. What a treat. :)

Check it out:

09 August 2011

August Update

I think we are finally acclimated back to Dayton after being in Colorado for national staff conference. We really enjoyed being with our Keynote family and look forward to being reunited with them very soon! Click here to read more about our trip in our August update letter.

20 July 2011

"Go do something that requires faith" -Francis Chan CSU 2011

It has been a little while since our last update on the blog. I am going to say it is due to our extra busy lives, but really it is probably due to not knowing what would be intriguing to post. So here is something I think is intriguing.

Jonelle and I are currently in Colorado at Campus Crusade for Christ's staff conference which is held every other summer. Having just turned 30 only a few days before we boarded our plane I have been really apprehensive about this next part of my life. Wondering and praying what the Lord is going to do. I think in the back of my mind where most of the depressing thoughts were coming from were actually me just not seeing the potential I still have to do the Lords work and build my own character in the process. I forgot that all things are in the Lord's timing and not my own. I also forgot that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the only thing that I need to be fulfilled.

That is hard to process when I have been looking forward to being fully financially supported with ministry partners for so long, physically moving and unpacking our stuff and finally being around our fellow staff in Indy. I have to be content with just being a child of God's and walking faithfully in obedience. Because that should be enough to sustain me each day. If I am not abiding in the Spirit each day then I am only being fulfilled by my own wishes and desires. I know I want more, but I only want it if it is truly from God and not from my own efforts. Each day and each step of faith is allowing my heart to understand His will during this phase of life.

So I am learning more and more at this conference, even seeing prayers from my mind and heart being answered. Confirmation of what I am seeking is glorious. Only the Lord can move a mountain in order for His children to experience more of Him. Which means I have to continue to press forward and go do even more that requires faith.

13 April 2011


For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. Romans 1:20

Today is a beautiful day outside, with sun shining bright and temperatures that allow the flowers to bloom and smell wonderful. It is one of those days that make me ponder on what it was like on that first day of completed creation. The beauty we see now in the world is probably only a glimpse of the glorious perfect first day of life.

The verse mentioned above was written by the apostle Paul. It was written probably within 60 years after Christ ascended into heaven. Which means Paul was not there to see day one of life, matter of fact he did not see the death and resurrection of Christ with his own eyes. So what sort of credentials does Paul have to write about something he didn't experience first hand?

Paul did experience the beauty of creation first hand because he lived and traveled all throughout the middle east, Europe and Asia. With all that travel he saw the beautiful mountains and valleys, rivers and waterfalls, animals of all sorts and so much more. Paul also saw Jesus with his own eyes when Paul was traveling on the road to Damascus. Jesus miraculously changed Paul's life and the way he saw the world and its beauty. Even with Paul's glimpse of true beauty through creation and the creator it was enough to change his heart and mentality of whose will to follow.

Paul was without excuse because his eyes were opened to beauty, love, compassion, grace, joy and all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Paul believed in Christ and the grace he lavishly poured out, that he wrote, all of us are without excuse. Paul was only following the will of God through the grace of Christ being led by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I wonder why we make up excuses. Have your eyes been opened?


11 April 2011


We recently passed through the 80% mark of raising our initial support to get out into the field! Three cheers! It is really surreal to look at our goal percentage. God is faithful to complete what He has started! Throughout this whole process, we've had goals and dates when we've liked to be moved to Indy. It looks like God is preparing us for a summertime move.

You can check out our latest update/prayer letter here: March 2011

Thanks for taking this journey alongside of us!

"Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it." 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

Tony & Jonelle

08 April 2011

Photo Friday: Cakealicious

My sister is getting married next month! Her bridal shower is this weekend, so off to BG we go. My aunts and I are throwing her the shower, and I'm in charge of the cake. I have an idea in my head of how I want the final product to turn out - and this idea needed a 12" round cake pan to do it. I've never baked a cake in something that huge - scary! I was very pleased, when I checked the oven this morning to see how things were progressing...

Mmmm, chocolate. I hope it makes it until Sunday!


02 April 2011

Photo Friday: Mr Dignified

Oops. It's Saturday. Sorry.

Sammy is special to us. We lived with his parents and older brother for nine months, all while he was cooking in his momma's belly. He's a very lovey boy. Sometimes when I hold him, he gives me a big bear hug and cuddles. I appreciate Samuel's concern, because my husband simply does not like to cuddle.

I like to entertain the thought that Sammy will be a high ranking government official one day, possibly even the President of the United States. In the midst of a crazy fun moment, he many times has the most dignified little look on his face.

Remember us when you're big and famous, Samuel!


25 March 2011

Photo Friday: Move It, Move It

This edition of Photo Friday has been brought to you by Two Men &

A Truck [Dayton North]...and my hubbs. :)

Yesterday, Tony & I went to the Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Celebration for our friends' [David & Laurie] franchise of Two Men & A Truck in Huber Heights. We wanted to show support for them - and who wouldn't turn down cookies shaped like moving trucks!

I got the chance to practice photography in a casual, party-like setting. I knew there would be something special at this party because earlier this week, Laurie was asking around for a transparency projector. When we walked into the office, we saw their company's logo transformed into a wooden cutout for pictures! My hubbs snapped this picture of me with the party planner...

Great job, Laurie! We're excited to use Two Men & A Truck when we move to Indy!


23 March 2011

Details Matter.

In December, I learned about a local ministry that was birthed through some people from our church family. I received an invite on Facebook to vote for this organization, Shoes4theShoeless, so that they could win this $50,000 grant from Pepsi. I hadn't heard of the organization, so I went to their website to see what it was about.

While investigating, I saw this story: [Remember, this is December. It's cold in Ohio in December.]

There are thousands of kids all around us who do not have shoes/socks fit to wear. Just an hour ago a school nurse called me because a little girl walked to school (it is 4 degrees here with snow) in shoes with no soles. No socks either. Her feet were soaked and frozen.
Right now, shoes and socks are being taken to her, along with the 90 other pairs we are delivering this morning to 10 schools.

They give hope. Their mission is to provide properly fitting shoes to children in desperate need. They provide kids with brand new shoes that fit, along with a clean pair of socks. For some kids, it's the first time they have ever owned a brand new pair of shoes.

Long story short, I voted for the organization. A lot. So did other people, because they won the grant. Tony and I were able to go on an outing last week to deliver shoes to some area schools. God reminded me of something last week. I know He deeply cares for these kids, all of us in fact. I was reminded that He doesn't just care about us. He cares about the precious details in our lives...even down to the shoes.

I had the pleasure of meeting this little girl pictured on the left. While I was getting and opening her box of shoes, I was talking with her about different things. I peeked in the box, and oh wow, were these shoes pink! I looked up at her and asked her if she liked pink. Her eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning. She excitedly nodded her head "yes". Then, I dramatically shut the box and gave her a confused-like look. I asked: "Are you sure you like pink? I mean, really sure?" She exclaimed, "Yes! Yes! Pink is my very favorite color!" I will not easily forget her huge smile when I showed her the box of pink shoes. She saw another volunteer's shoes [on the right] and was excited that they were "shoe twins". Yes, she would have been happy for shoes that simply fit. But, God cares about the details. He made sure they were pink.

Another little girl really loved the shoes she had and thought they were pretty, but they were just too small. What a God-thing when she opened the box to see the exact same pair, only new! The picture above is of her new shoes [left] the team gave her and her old shoes [right].

Greg & Tony after a successful shoe fitting!

photos taken by Shoes4theShoeless

Are you in love yet? Want to help out with a shoe drive, a shoe delivery, or just want more info? Email Shoes4TheShoeless@gmail.com


18 March 2011

Photo Friday: March Madness

You can disagree with my opinion. It doesn't bother me. I don't particularly care for March. Yes, I just said it.

Before we got married, I did not have a feeling either way about this month. It wasn't until nine whole months of marriage - our first March together - that I realized the horribleness of this particular month.

March Madness.

Basketball is on the television. All. The. Time.

So, in honor of this crazy month.....

Tony & Allen were shooting hoops one afternoon [in late February, can you believe that?] and I captured this swoosh by my hubbs. Here's hoping my bracket beats his. :)


15 March 2011

The Earthquake in Japan

The recent tragic events in Japan have made my mind wonder what this all means biblically. An earthquake so powerful it caused a tsunami and claimed the lives of thousands. I started thinking about what an earthquake is and how we can be prepared for when one hits. The crazy thing is you can never be ready for an earthquake. Sure we can build strong buildings or try not to live near a fault line, but we will never be prepared for when the actual event of the earthquake happens. Scientists can tell us how strong it was, or explain in science terms how it will destruct the area, but they can never tell us on what day or hour an earthquake will hit.

And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split and the tombs broke open. The bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. They came out of the tombs after Jesus’ resurrection and went into the holy city and appeared to many people.
Matthew 27:50-53

The bible tells us of the very first earthquake and it happens at a time that filled with spiritual battle. During the death of Jesus on the cross we witness victory. I find it interesting that this earthquake hit amidst most likely the strongest spiritual battle in history. I believe spiritual battle is real and it can affect us deeply and personally.

So I might be concluding that earthquakes could be the result of very powerful and scary spiritual battle. Think about how powerful our creator God really is and when He goes to battle against the darkness that is Satan, how much really goes on. I almost imagine the death-match we see at the end of movies when superheroes fight each other for victory. Terrible destruction and casualties even occur during these spectacles of heroes rising to the occasion of fending off evil. Our God is doing the same thing still. He is alive and fighting off evil and darkness.

It is also no coincidence that these scary and tragic natural disasters happen where darkness reigns. I know we have false gods that we worship in our own country, but I sometimes will think that our safety in worship is incidental because we don’t build statues of idols and the like. Then I realize we do, it is just through fame and fortune, or through engineering and technology, or through pride and protection of ourselves. These natural disasters that happen to the spiritually dark countries are horrific and change lives, but honestly we are not that much different. God is fighting hard to defeat the darkness that resides in Satan’s heart. God is fighting so hard for you and your eyes to be open to the truth that He literally shakes things up.


11 March 2011

Photo Friday: Now I Know My ABCs

When it's not raining or snowing these days, which has been very few days recently, Moses & I typically take a walk around the neighborhood. Even though he sometimes puts on the breaks and won't move, he likes it. He does. His tail usually keeps wagging. I'd like to think that he is not overly out of breath, but just taking in the scenery. :)

On our walks, I've recently began to see letters. [I don't care if you laugh; I can't hear you.] I know my brain doesn't usually think like most, but just look around the next time you are outside. I think you'll start to see them, too.

So, I've decided that on my walks, I am going to capture these letters. I'm not sure what kinds of words I am going to make out of them once I get a good alphabet going. If you would like any words, let me know, I can look for those letters first.

Here is my first letter, Mr. Y. [Does anyone remember The Letter People?]


07 March 2011

What is a blessing?

Luke 5:1-12
What is a blessing? Jesus gave us the Beatitudes to help give us a clear picture. Sometimes I still wonder what the core point was of that portion of His sermon on the mount. It is the opening statement in order to catch the attention of those attending. Jesus is describing parts of life and the choices we make that are either spiritual or tangible. He is describing actions and emotions that we encounter as we make daily decisions. Jesus describes a way of living that is upside down to what the world standard is. It is completely opposite to the American dream mentality and pushes the envelope when He shares, “rejoice and be glad” after you have been persecuted for His name. 

Have you ever taken time to reflect if you have actually been persecuted? Have you meditated if you even measure up to the list of blessings Jesus describes? Sometimes the term “I am blessed” or similar phrases get thrown around a lot in Christian circles, but do we really know what the blessing really is? It is easy to see a tangible blessing that makes us live comfortably, or the amazing miracle of growing your family in child birth. Maybe the act of service and sacrifice for others are the blessings you hold onto. But I am still wondering how all this stuff we believe to be a blessing looks like to our Father and his Son Jesus. 

The Holy Spirit moves inside of our heart and mind telling us, yes indeed that was a good thing to do. The Spirit is there to determine and decipher what the Lord desires for us. It even lets us know that our motive behind a blessing is either pure or not. This is another grey area of defining what a blessing is. 

I am asking the question because I believe there is an answer. The four gospel letters include numerous accounts of when Jesus tells us the truth. The truth is Jesus is the son of God and gave Himself as a sacrifice to pay for our sin. Jesus is now seated with His Father preparing a place for us, who know and believe this to be true, in His kingdom. I think that truth is the core to what a blessing is. Knowing and believing absolute truth is the best blessing we could ever have in our life and helps us be confident in salvation. Absolute truth from God is powerful, sharing that truth with others is important. The absolute truth Jesus fills us up with helps us fight against the world. Believing in absolute truth helps guide our thoughts and actions through the Holy Spirit. If you meditate on how truth through Jesus has changed your life, then discovering what blessings are actual blessings might become clearer. 


04 March 2011

Photo Friday: Get Comfy

This past fall, I stumbled upon a half-off coupon for an online photography class through Big Picture Classes. The class, "Picture Fall", was a 31-day class through the month of October. Each day, we were given a prompt to spark our creative juices. Then, there was an online forum that we posted our pictures. I loved sharing my photos and seeing how others interpreted the prompts each day. Granted, I didn't make it the full 31 days, but I saved all the prompts and plan to make another attempt this coming October!

The prompt that inspired this picture was: Get Comfy. This photo encompasses many of the things that are "comfy" to me. Plus, spring is literally right around the corner. Even though this picture was taken in the fall, it reminds me that we will soon be able to enjoy the outdoors without freezing!

-The Velvet Chair. This chair isn't mine, but I seriously hope to own one like it some day. It screams comfy + fun.

-The Mug of Tea. It has to be in the extra tall mug, of course. Hot cocoa would do just fine, too.

-The Book. Growing up, I read for fun all the time. Then college happened. My reading for fun quickly dwindled because all of the reading for classes took priority. I'm finding again that reading can be fun!

-The Outdoors. I LOVE being outside. Walks. Camping. Anything. I constantly tell Tony that when we have our own house someday...I must have a hammock.

What would be in your "get comfy" picture?


03 March 2011

Just The Band Girl

Since this fall, Tony & I have been helping out with a church plant from our local church called Covenant Creek. We both didn't know what we would be getting into while serving there...in a good way. :)

Some weeks while the lead musician is out, I get to be in charge. Pulling music, arranging songs, and leading practices are not anything new for me. Recently, I was on the CCLI website looking up copyright information for a song, and I came across an article. Looking back at my journey of leading music, I can identify with this article. I can identify with it going all the way back to when I was in seventh grade and started volunteering to play on the youth band at my church.

The article, in which I highly encourage you to take a peek here, was written by Paul Baloche. [You may have heard some of his songs...Your Name, Open the Eyes of my Heart, and more.] He starts out talking about his attitude of being "just the band guy". That attitude was mine too starting out in seventh grade! Even though I was the "worship leader" for several groups/events in high school and college, I felt like I was "just the band girl". After all, I'm not a great communicator in the first place, and that is the pastor's job anyway, right? My talents were music, so I played the music. Serve where your talents are, right?

Oh, but there is so much more.

Paul explained that as he led more and more, there was a shift in the "just a band guy" attitude. He said: "As weeks turned into months and months into years I began to grow in my love and concern for the people that I served each Sunday. Instead of fearing their disapproval or rejection of me, I began to realize how important our corporate gatherings were to the spiritual health of our congregation."

When we started helping out with Covenant Creek...that was it...we were "just" helping out, helping this little church with their transition out on their own. Once they figured it out [whatever "it" is], we could move on, right?


But, now I am thinking more along the lines that we [as in Tony & I] are the ones who had things to figure out...not this new little church. We're pretty integrated now. I've definitely grown in my love and concern for the people we serve each week. Over the past 5 months, I don't fear disapproval or rejection anymore. I am not as concerned with a clutch set list. Paul nailed exactly what I have been feeling and transitioning
to..."being more focused on how we could build up and encourage others through music, prayers, and scripture".

So, Covenant Creek. Thanks. I look forward to serving with ya'll for the time we have with you. :)


25 February 2011

Photo Friday

In the past year, I have really discovered my deep love for photography. I think there has always been a spark down in there, but my hubbs really helped to ignite the fire when he got me my first big girl, dSLR camera for my birthday last year. It was such a surprise, and totally great to get something for my birthday that was pure fun, as I usually ask for more practical things. :)

I have the opportunity to do some photo shoots this past year, which have been so much fun! I am still learning the ins and outs of shooting in manual mode. I am especially excited about a day class that I am taking tomorrow with Locke Innovations.

I love creating things that make people happy...not in a people pleasing kind of way, though. But, in way that what I create can capture an essence of something that is dear to someone else....and that something is "fridge-worthy" or even "hang it up on the wall-worthy". Something that will make them smile when they take a glance.

All said, I am going to *try* to post just one picture each Friday. "Photo Friday". We shall see what comes out of this endeavor.

This photo is the first one I took with my new macro lens. You guessed it; it's Moses. I can't help but smile when he comes up close for a lick, even if his breath is so very rank. I saved up for this lens for a while, and am in love with it! I can't wait to take newborn pics for a good friend when her baby is done cookin'. :)


22 February 2011

Take Two

When we completed New Staff Training for Campus Crusade, they sent us off with two things to complete....finish raising our support and finish this New Testament Survey correspondence seminary course. During training, we actually took two courses - Intro to Theology & Bible Study Methods. Both classes were awesome, but this NT Survey was a little more intimidating. With raising support full-time, working our previous jobs full-time, and still holding some big ministry roles [and trying to figure out how to transition out of them]....we got a little lost in, what I still refer to as, the "go eat popcorn" books of the NT

*Side Fun*

I don't remember where the "go eat popcorn" saying originated. All that I remember, is my best friend growing up and I used it to keep the order straight of 4 books in the middle. Galatians, Ephesians, Phillipians, Colossians. Get it? Go Eat PopCorn. Galatians, Ephesians, Phillipians, Colossians. Don't laugh - it'll grow on you. :)

*Back to the Post*

So.....we got lost in the middle of this course and didn't finish. Looking back, perhaps we took on a little more than we could handle. Bottom line. We didn't finish.

Fast-forwarding to currently - with only 25% of our support left to come in, we realized that we better finish this course! Instead of starting from the middle where we stopped, we decided to start over from the beginning. Our first "class" was this week.

Re-starting this class is exciting to me because:
*I love to learn.
*Tony & I get to work through it together - things are always more fun with another!
*I've been able to do some good book studies on a few of the NT books over the past couple years, and I'm interested to see how doings those may shed more light on this course.
*How cool is it to take a class on the Bible - FOR YOUR JOB! Yay! I'm really looking forward to being taught by God through this class.

Re-starting this class gives me chills because:
*I don't want to not finish again.
*I am definitely not an auditory learner...and the lectures are non-video mp3s. Aye.
*What if, what if, what if...

All said, "Take Two" began this week. I look forward to sharing neat things I learn and what God teaches me through the coming weeks!

21 February 2011

Our Top 10 From 2010

A little cliché rhyming there? Yep. Actually, I'm not sure if '10' & '2010' technically count as rhyming.


We are constantly telling people that we have been learning and growing so much while we have been building our support team. When 2010 came to a close, we made a top 10 list of our own. Enjoy!

Our Top 10 Things We’ve Learned While Raising Support...

10. God has stretched our faith by putting us in situations we didn’t expect nor prepare.

9. Across the USA, there are many ways of how to ask for a carbonated beverage.

8. The answer is always “no” unless we ask. God has provided through people we had only known for about 10 minutes!

7. God is a great multiplier! We are living on the absolute lowest income ever, and we’ve been blessed to give the most ever to Kingdom things.

6. I think I’ve tried about everything on the menu at Panera while at support meetings.

5. Raising support is definitely not about the money. It’s about spreading His fame.

4. John 15:5 has been made so real to us. “...for apart from Me you can do nothing.”

3. God orchestrates every specific detail in order for Him to be glorified.

2. A car can make it from Florida to Ohio with a broken catalytic converter. Just make sure there is enough speed going down the hills in Kentucky so you can get back up.

1. We are humbled by His specific provision through the great partners He has brought into our path so that we can carry each other’s burdens along this unique journey!

20 February 2011

It's February!

Hello world? Anyone left out there? If you are still following our blog...you should let us know. I think you deserve a prize or something since our last post was October. :)

For our February update click here.

-J for the Utts