16 September 2008

Back Online.

Whew, Ike, what a mess! Praise God, our power came back on today! We're so blessed to have great friends - both with and without power. Last night, we went over to a friends' house who had power. We had four families there altogether. We brought the food that was still good out of our fridge and had a smorgusboard of a dinner. Chicken nuggets, tater tots, mac & cheese, turkey, popcorn, etc...

We're praising God for keeping us safe. We're praising Him for keeping our fridge & freezer cold so we didn't lose a lot of food. We're praising Him for community and friends who constantly check up and make sure we're okay.

Keep praying, though, because there are still many people and friends who are without power. The electric companies are working so very hard, but it could be the coming weekend before all the power is restored. Pray that through this whole mess Ike left us with, we can draw closer to our Protector & Provider.

15 September 2008


...just a quick update. Good old Ike blew threw Dayton this past Sunday afternoon. Whew - so much wind! Long story short - we're without power. About 200,000 people in Dayton don't have power and 600,000 some a bit south of us are powerless too. Luckily, there are pockets of people who have electricity, and they're taking care of us! The electric companies are saying it could be 2 more days or it could be the weekend before power gets back on. We'd love your prayers!

13 September 2008


Last weekend I saw a drama performed at two different events. They were a tad different, but essentially the very same message. Both were so very powerful, though. It's just a great, vivid reminder of what Jesus thinks of us.

This video is actually from the original time the skit was done on a Saturday night in 2006 at Winterfest in Knoxville, TN.

07 September 2008

Ready. Aim. Fire.

We've had the chance to meet tons of new people while we're sharing about our ministry and developing our support base. We're so blessed to have a bunch of new friends to share life with! Our newest adventure was going to a shooting range with friends, Suzzi & Alex. Tony had a little previous experience shooting with the guard, but not with moving targets! The clay targets go fast!

So...what, uh, am I suppose to do here.

Tony did a great job!

What you don't see is me stumbling back three or so steps after each shot. Pretty powerful. I hit one target, though!

See the rest of the pictures from the afternoon: here.

05 September 2008

Back in Ohio!

Tony is back to work today in Ohio. Praise Jesus! He's at a meeting today for info and training for what he is going to be doing for the next two months. It's great to not have to dread the very early Monday mornings anymore! Pray that we come across an abundance of new supporters during this month of September.

04 September 2008

Prayer Letter Update

We just finished up our latest edition of our prayer letter. To view the September update, click here.

In the newsletter, we shared about the wrap-up to summer project. We have loved hearing updates from the student bands and sharing stories with you. For you visual ones like myself, a marketing & media intern, Josh, has a clip of a student band on his website. click here to see MangoFish in action while on tour in California this summer.

Also - if you're interested in seeing the short film that the student film team created this summer, click here. The film they made is called "Wreck" and is about five minutes long. They combined their stories with this film to share the Gospel at a variety of short film outreaches this summer.

One more praise - as I type, Tony is driving home from work in Indiana! He is done with that out of town project for work and will be working in the Dayton area for the next couple months! Hurray!