06 August 2010

10% Christian Living

A friend recently posted an article that caught my eye. When I read it, it really resonated with some things that I have been thinking upon lately. I even read it a few times because I couldn't believe that the words that I was reading were so strikingly similar to what has been rolling around in my head.

Even though Tony & I are being financially supported by generous ministry partners so that we can work with Keynote full-time, we are still called to give our time, talents, and resources back to God. When we were newly married, I created our budget - giving always came first. We truly believe that God blessed our giving. We tried our best to give - and give sacrificially.

Recently, my mind and my heart have been in an inward battle between the importance of being wise stewards of the money that God has given us, saving, etc....and give, give, giving for His kingdom. For a while I think: is it wise to give everything away to the point where we can't even pay our bills? Then, I jump to the other side and think: that nothing is ours anyway, so it's not really my call to decide what I do with anything, it's God's call.

While we've been raising our initial support, God's been doing some pretty cool things. We have definitely had the "smallest" income that we've ever had in our married lives. But, during this time we've been able to financially give the most that we've ever had in our married lives.

Go figure. God is just so cool like that.

All said, this article is a great article to read if you're ready for your beliefs in giving [and basic Christian living] to be shaken up.

Click here to read the article...thanks for listening. :)


05 August 2010

August Update!

We're excited to share this month's update with you! We hope that you're blessed by reading about Keynote's recent trip to here in Dayton! :)

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Tony & Jonelle