26 August 2008

Praising Him!

Work Update
This is the third week that Tony has been working out of town. He's been working in Brazil...well, Brazil, Indiana. It's a three hour drive from our place, due west. He'll have to go out to Brazil next week [luckily it's a short week because of Labor Day], and that is it! After next week, he'll be working back here in Dayton. We're so thankful that God has continually provided for us in this transition time. It is definitely an awkward time. We're praying for monthly supporters to jump on board quickly so we can work on Ministry Partner Development together full time and get over to Indy soon! We just hit 16.1% this weekend.

Praying Specific
This past weekend, I was looking ahead to one appointment we had set up for that evening. I prayed that these people would support us financially somehow, whether monthly or through special gifts. I prayed specifically, though, that we would walk out of that meeting with a check in our hands [being the 1st month's giving or the special gift]. Praise Jesus, we had a great meeting and at the end, we left for home with a check in our hands.

We're working on our next edition of our monthly newsletter...stay tuned!

08 August 2008

Story of Stuff & Free Music

We stumbled upon a site recently called "Story of Stuff". It's about 'stuff', how we get it, and what happens to it when we're done with it. Working in the schools the past couple years, I've seen a lot of 'save the planet'/'recycle now' videos and what not. This one is pretty good. It's about 20 minutes to watch online, but I think it's worth it. Post a comment with your thoughts after you watch it. I'd love to hear what you think!

Also...you should go to philwickham.com and download Phil Wickham's new live album, "singalong". It's really great...and it's free! It's pretty much just him and his guitar....and a whole bunch of other people singing in the background.

07 August 2008

On the Road with Keynote Summer Project

In our August update letter we talked a bit about what God was doing with the students in the Keynote Summer Project.....well, is officially over now. The project celebration banquet was this past week. God did great things this summer in and through the students! If you’d like to read some of the stories that students sent in throughout their tours, click here.

06 August 2008


Connor is growing fast! Here are just a few more pictures of the little one...

Just chillin'...

Just snoozin...

Connor with Tony & Randy's Godfather, Jack.

02 August 2008

Prayer Letter Update

Hi friends! I cannot believe that August is here. The past few months have flown by so very fast!

Click here for our August update. In the letter, we shared a bit about our new little nephew, Connor Lee. Here are some bonus pictures of the little guy for checking out our website. :)

Proud Uncle Tony

...just checking to see if there's enough going on to warrant completely waking up.