20 July 2011

"Go do something that requires faith" -Francis Chan CSU 2011

It has been a little while since our last update on the blog. I am going to say it is due to our extra busy lives, but really it is probably due to not knowing what would be intriguing to post. So here is something I think is intriguing.

Jonelle and I are currently in Colorado at Campus Crusade for Christ's staff conference which is held every other summer. Having just turned 30 only a few days before we boarded our plane I have been really apprehensive about this next part of my life. Wondering and praying what the Lord is going to do. I think in the back of my mind where most of the depressing thoughts were coming from were actually me just not seeing the potential I still have to do the Lords work and build my own character in the process. I forgot that all things are in the Lord's timing and not my own. I also forgot that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the only thing that I need to be fulfilled.

That is hard to process when I have been looking forward to being fully financially supported with ministry partners for so long, physically moving and unpacking our stuff and finally being around our fellow staff in Indy. I have to be content with just being a child of God's and walking faithfully in obedience. Because that should be enough to sustain me each day. If I am not abiding in the Spirit each day then I am only being fulfilled by my own wishes and desires. I know I want more, but I only want it if it is truly from God and not from my own efforts. Each day and each step of faith is allowing my heart to understand His will during this phase of life.

So I am learning more and more at this conference, even seeing prayers from my mind and heart being answered. Confirmation of what I am seeking is glorious. Only the Lord can move a mountain in order for His children to experience more of Him. Which means I have to continue to press forward and go do even more that requires faith.