15 November 2011


We are moving again...this time it is to Noblesville, Indiana! We found a house that we absolutely love. It's pretty much our dream home. [another post coming about that God-led process] We close on the house this month - on the 28th and move on the 30th!

We are so excited and blessed for this step in the process, yet we are definitely sad to say "see you later" to so many friends here in Dayton. We really do love our community here will be sad to leave...luckily, we will only be 2 hours away, so we anticipate many road trips! :)

We still have support to be raised, though. Even though we'll soon be living 15 minutes away from the Keynote office, we can't go in there to work until we are at 100%! If you are able to help connect us with people who may be interested in hearing about our ministry with Keynote, or if you are interested in support info yourself - let us know! [Click Here ] We'd love for you to help us reach our goal!

One of our faves from our recent "good-bye, Dayton"
photo shoot with Fullam Photography.