28 December 2011

What is next?

We have moved to our new home in Indiana! We just celebrated the birth of our King with family and friends this past weekend. I am sure you are pondering your own life about what is next? That is a great question to ask, especially as we turn a new chapter with 2012 quickly approaching. For us, we are still focused on the last tidbit of ministry partner development as we call it, or rather support raising. We have been in talks with Keynote department heads which allows us to pin down what our exact roles are going to be in 2012. We have high hopes and prayers that we will be finished with support be the end of January! We are very confident in the power of God, He brought us to Indiana and is ready to finish out the mission!

Another idea we had about keeping you our ministry partners in the loop even more frequently is an email/online only update each week. We are still tweaking out the name, but it will be short and sent out on Tuesdays, so keep your eyes out on January 3rd for the first of 52 updates in 2012!