03 May 2012


A good friend recently posted something on her blog that I have been thinking about lately. Instead of trying to formulate words for my thoughts...I am just going to feature hers.  :)

I have been on both ends of what she talks about in her post [below]. There have been times where I've called or texted someone just because they "came to mind", and those conversations, seemingly random to me, were a need filled to the recipient. On the other hand, there was a time where we were really struggling financially...living with friends while raising support, not getting paychecks yet, and living off sporadic part-time hours. We didn't tell anyone how crazy the situation was, because we were to get our little paychecks in a week, and God always comes through. I still don't know who did it, but someone left gift card in an envelope on my car. [If that was you: you don't know how much you blessed us that day!]

God knows. He sees. He listens. Sometimes he uses you.

Here are my friend's words. [Check out her blog, good stuff!] Wendy says:

    While at the recent home school convention in Cincinnati, I received a phone call from a friend back home.  It was very unexpected, but instead of letting my voice mail get the call, I picked it up.  On the other end of the line was Jenny, a gal who was quick to make friends and help them in any way. Although she possesses these great gifts, to the best of my knowledge Jenny is not a mind-reader.  She could not have known that I was just mulling over a recent workshop at the convention that convicted me regarding the parenting of one of my children.  She could not have known that I was struggling with the strained relationship this child and I were experiencing.  She could not have known that I was fighting fear that this child’s heart was hardening to the Lord.  Yet, even without this knowledge, the Holy Spirit worked within her to prompt her to call me from”out of the blue” and encourage me.  In her phone conversation, she shared how this child, the very one I had previously been dwelling on, was so kind to her recently.   She shared specific instances and words.  Purpose and love were driving this conversation and I was tremendously encouraged.
    How many times has the Holy Spirit prompted you to call someone?  To write an email or letter?  What is your response?  As I think back to the many prompts I’ve received from the Holy Spirit, I can remember specific times that I obeyed and rejoiced as I knew only God could have orchestrated such an occasion.  Of course, there have been other times that I’ve gone on with “my business” and not touched base with a friend who God put on my heart and mind.  I missed out on the chance to bless.  How good God is, though, as He continues to prompt us as we draw near to Him and humbly keep our hearts soft to Him.
    If the Holy Spirit has been silent in your life, consider if you truly know Him.  Has He done a supernatural work in your heart to change it from being dead to being alive and a new creation?  If He has indeed, and the fruit of your life is evidence of this very truth, then seek Him.  Ask Him to reveal people in need of an encouraging word, of help with babysitting their children, of money to pay a bill, of an invitation to dinner or even church.  Be open to these promptings; act on them.  And, see God at work!

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