23 August 2012

Go Team, Go!

We were blessed to report to our assignments at Keynote on the very first day of Summer Project. We quickly mixed into the fun and the crazy that is in the air when we have many college students with us for the summer!

While the students were with us learning how to share their stories, practicing their craft (music, film, or theater), and getting ready to take the gospel through the country on their tours....we were busy as well!

Tony and I were both assigned to the "Go Team" during summer project. But, what does that really mean? Take a look...

See those tables? The Go Team was responsible for keeping the tables wiped down from snacks and meals throughout Summer Project. The team also frequently set more up or tore some down, depending on what events were happening.

At the beginning of Summer Project, Tony picked up Kennan (singing in the white shirt) and others from the Indianapolis Airport. Jonelle made an airport run and got to know Toya (singing, left) and a few others.

The Go Team prepped, cooked, and served the students' Friday night dinners. The students were thankful for a meal that wasn't fast food!

The students' dress rehearsals (final performance before they left for tour) were open to the public...which means snacks and popcorn!

We enjoyed working as a team to set up and decorate the final banquet for the students to celebrate what the Lord did during the summer!

We had fun serving together! Although we were running around all summer and working late during the week and weekends...we had a great team and loved our first assignment with Keynote!

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