16 April 2013

Day 23 | Upswing

Day 23. Really? It definitely hasn't "gone by so fast", yet the time doesn't seem to be dragging by either.

Yesterday, I had two realizations:

1. The tree pollen counts are beginning to go up, up, up.

2. The people around me are beginning to noticeably stuffer from the environmental allergens awakening from their winter slumber.

Well...I suppose I had three realizations.

3. I am fine.

After all these years of suffering, my mind is having a hard time believing it. Something like this just doesn't go away. But, my body is proof. No headaches. No sniffy nose. Hallelujah, I can breathe!

Of course, these realizations don't make the day-to-day easier. The realizations keep me in focus of why I am radically changing what I eat and how I prepare it.

I have enjoyed, though, the rekindled creativity that this new endeavor has aided. Twenty-three days with no french fries? Enter...jicama fries!

...I may or may not have eaten the whole thing at once.

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