07 April 2013

Day 14 | Honesty

Two whole weeks of this crazy new meal plan. Fortunately, tears haven't been shed since day two. However, I am getting some crazy cravings for brownies. (Please talk to me if you can make a yummy GF and no sugar oozy gooey brownie.)

A few people have been asking if I can tell a difference yet or if it seems to be helping. To be honest....yes, unfortunately yes. Yes, that's right - I indeed was secretly hoping this meal plan wouldn't work. Why? Well duh, then I could go back go eating the yummies I love.

Alas, I do feel better. I have more energy. There are a few other symptoms that I'm noticing are lessening. The big test will come mid- to late-May...high tide of allergy season for me. Most importantly for now, "me" is starting to come back. I am realizing now how cruddy I was feeling. It creeped up there all sly-like, and now that it's going away, I can see the impact it was having.

Hmmmm. Makes me think of other cruddy things in my life, like sin...all sly-like sometimes. Hmmmm.

On another note...um the weather today? Gorgeous! Moses and I enjoyed the sunshine. I read while he chased the squirrels. (I think one squirrel started cussing Moses out...he was squawking! Seriously, have you ever heard a squirrel squawk?

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