25 February 2011

Photo Friday

In the past year, I have really discovered my deep love for photography. I think there has always been a spark down in there, but my hubbs really helped to ignite the fire when he got me my first big girl, dSLR camera for my birthday last year. It was such a surprise, and totally great to get something for my birthday that was pure fun, as I usually ask for more practical things. :)

I have the opportunity to do some photo shoots this past year, which have been so much fun! I am still learning the ins and outs of shooting in manual mode. I am especially excited about a day class that I am taking tomorrow with Locke Innovations.

I love creating things that make people happy...not in a people pleasing kind of way, though. But, in way that what I create can capture an essence of something that is dear to someone else....and that something is "fridge-worthy" or even "hang it up on the wall-worthy". Something that will make them smile when they take a glance.

All said, I am going to *try* to post just one picture each Friday. "Photo Friday". We shall see what comes out of this endeavor.

This photo is the first one I took with my new macro lens. You guessed it; it's Moses. I can't help but smile when he comes up close for a lick, even if his breath is so very rank. I saved up for this lens for a while, and am in love with it! I can't wait to take newborn pics for a good friend when her baby is done cookin'. :)


22 February 2011

Take Two

When we completed New Staff Training for Campus Crusade, they sent us off with two things to complete....finish raising our support and finish this New Testament Survey correspondence seminary course. During training, we actually took two courses - Intro to Theology & Bible Study Methods. Both classes were awesome, but this NT Survey was a little more intimidating. With raising support full-time, working our previous jobs full-time, and still holding some big ministry roles [and trying to figure out how to transition out of them]....we got a little lost in, what I still refer to as, the "go eat popcorn" books of the NT

*Side Fun*

I don't remember where the "go eat popcorn" saying originated. All that I remember, is my best friend growing up and I used it to keep the order straight of 4 books in the middle. Galatians, Ephesians, Phillipians, Colossians. Get it? Go Eat PopCorn. Galatians, Ephesians, Phillipians, Colossians. Don't laugh - it'll grow on you. :)

*Back to the Post*

So.....we got lost in the middle of this course and didn't finish. Looking back, perhaps we took on a little more than we could handle. Bottom line. We didn't finish.

Fast-forwarding to currently - with only 25% of our support left to come in, we realized that we better finish this course! Instead of starting from the middle where we stopped, we decided to start over from the beginning. Our first "class" was this week.

Re-starting this class is exciting to me because:
*I love to learn.
*Tony & I get to work through it together - things are always more fun with another!
*I've been able to do some good book studies on a few of the NT books over the past couple years, and I'm interested to see how doings those may shed more light on this course.
*How cool is it to take a class on the Bible - FOR YOUR JOB! Yay! I'm really looking forward to being taught by God through this class.

Re-starting this class gives me chills because:
*I don't want to not finish again.
*I am definitely not an auditory learner...and the lectures are non-video mp3s. Aye.
*What if, what if, what if...

All said, "Take Two" began this week. I look forward to sharing neat things I learn and what God teaches me through the coming weeks!

21 February 2011

Our Top 10 From 2010

A little cliché rhyming there? Yep. Actually, I'm not sure if '10' & '2010' technically count as rhyming.


We are constantly telling people that we have been learning and growing so much while we have been building our support team. When 2010 came to a close, we made a top 10 list of our own. Enjoy!

Our Top 10 Things We’ve Learned While Raising Support...

10. God has stretched our faith by putting us in situations we didn’t expect nor prepare.

9. Across the USA, there are many ways of how to ask for a carbonated beverage.

8. The answer is always “no” unless we ask. God has provided through people we had only known for about 10 minutes!

7. God is a great multiplier! We are living on the absolute lowest income ever, and we’ve been blessed to give the most ever to Kingdom things.

6. I think I’ve tried about everything on the menu at Panera while at support meetings.

5. Raising support is definitely not about the money. It’s about spreading His fame.

4. John 15:5 has been made so real to us. “...for apart from Me you can do nothing.”

3. God orchestrates every specific detail in order for Him to be glorified.

2. A car can make it from Florida to Ohio with a broken catalytic converter. Just make sure there is enough speed going down the hills in Kentucky so you can get back up.

1. We are humbled by His specific provision through the great partners He has brought into our path so that we can carry each other’s burdens along this unique journey!

20 February 2011

It's February!

Hello world? Anyone left out there? If you are still following our blog...you should let us know. I think you deserve a prize or something since our last post was October. :)

For our February update click here.

-J for the Utts