26 March 2013

Day Two

Today is day two of my (Jonelle's) new meal plan to help combat allergies. After recommendations by two doctors and loads of research, my new mean plan is no yeast, no soy, no sugar (including fruit), and no corn for one month of cleansing.


Yep. My reaction was most likely similar. I was a big girl and didn't cry right there in the doctor's office.

I waited until I got home. :)

This girl loves bread...and brownies....and I won't even get started on my peanut butter addiction. There is a light towards the end of this tunnel, though. After a month, I can add some things back into my lifestyle, like fruit and limited amounts of corn/corn products. On the positive side, I love coconut, almonds, pecans, eggplant, and eggs - all of which I can freely chow down on.

I am really looking forward to feeling better. Also, this meal plan (purposefully not calling it a 'diet') may significantly reduce my allergy symptoms in the spring and fall, which would be a huge win!

I'm not sure what the future holds with my new little meal plan, but my breakfast on day one wasn't that bad at all - a huge omelet filled with veggies! Yum!

Day two...well...there may or may not have been more tears.

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