26 March 2013

Two Minute Tuesday | March 26

Thank you for tithing two minutes this week to pray for us and our journey.

This week, Tony is helping with Keynote's Comm Lab this week (there's another one next week, too!). People from all over the US are here, learning how to be more effective communicators. The training from our different coaches helps people to have their content & message remembered rather than how they presented it. Today, Tony met a Cru staff member from California who is a part of this training - Matt may or may not be enjoying our March snow in Indiana!

Jonelle is in charge of photography for the Comm Labs and is working with two other photographers to capture engaging, welcoming photos that Keynote can use to promote Comm Lab in the future. This is the 4th year we've had Comm Lab, and look forward to seing it continue to grow!

Please pray for...
  • our daily walk with Christ.
  • continued bookings for our summer tour with Rhymz Suhreal. Also, we may be helping out with the music for a junior high youth camp this summer (separate from our Keynote tour)!
  • Jonelle, as she navigates through combatting her allergies through a new meal plan.

Please send us any prayer requests you have! We love praying for you.

In Christ,
Tony and Jonelle

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