07 March 2013

Rediscovering Writing

One of my (Jonelle's) jobs at Keynote is to write stories. I enjoyed my time in high school on the school newspaper and yearbook staff - but that was high school! Our 10th year reunion was this past summer, and 10 years is a long time to be writing infrequently.

I was a little nervous, yet excited, when I learned that there was a big need for writers on my team at Keynote. All of the external communication from Keynote (blog updates, brochures, recruiting pieces, etc...) stems from my team.

Since reporting last summer, I have been given the role of senior editor of writing and photography at Keynote. I love being able to capture stories of God changing lives through writing and photography! The writers and photographers whom I work with are phenomenal!

I'd like to share my latest story with you. It is a glimpse into the spiritual journey of a college student from Portland, Oregon.


Sowing Seeds in Portland

“Who is the real God – Allah or the God of the Bible?”
Matthew, a college student in Portland, asked this question. His dad is a Muslim, and his mom is Catholic. While in Jordan last summer with his dad’s family, he read the Quran resulting in more questions about Islam and Christianity.

This situation is not surprising to John Rozzelle, Cru campus staff member in Portland. He believes that the rough spiritual soil in Portland brings unique challenges. As a result, more time is needed to cultivate relationships so spiritual conversations about Jesus can happen.

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